A Movie At The Bay

Yesterday it was overcast and there were intermittent sprinkles, and Kish and I decided to explore Sutton’s Bay, another nearby town.  While there we decided that we had to watch a movie at The Bay, the town’s lone theatre.

The ticket and concession stand at The Bay

Our trip to The Bay — where we watched Inception, which was well worth a second viewing — was like a trip back in time.  We went to a matinee, and the theatre appeared to be a one-man operation.  The same employee sold tickets, popcorn, candy, and soda.  There was only one theatre, and I’d be willing to bet that the metal seats are the originals, although plastic cupholder armrests clearly have been added more recently.  The show consisted of a 1970s-vintage plea for people to throw away their trash, one or two previews, and then the feature.

Our visit to The Bay reminded me of Mom’s descriptions of going to movies when she was a child.  The theatre was within walking distance her neighborhood, one of several storefronts.  The Bay is exactly like that.  I am sure that the other establishments in Sutton’s Bay like having it around.