The Insomniac’s Lament

I had one of those nights again last night.  If you’ve every experienced insomnia, you know exactly what I mean.

IMG_3242My brain was racing and flitting from topic to topic, as if it were under the power of a bored husband handling the TV remote control and driving his wife to distraction as he moved forever from channel to channel without ever actually watching anything.  Bizarrely contorted depictions of work projects, bad knees, poop-eating dogs, art schools, collapsing sinkholes, novocaine injections, and Medicare cutoffs danced fitfully across the mental landscape to the soundtrack of The Flight of the Bumblebee.  I flipped back and forth on the bed like an over-cooked burger, looking dry-eyed at the clock and wishing I could just fall asleep.

But sometimes you can’t fall asleep, no matter how you try.  Whether it’s what you ate, or the unique combination of issues in your life at that particular hour on that particular day, or some other cause, blissful sleep simply will not come.  When that happens, I yield to the inevitable and shuffle downstairs rather than disturb Kish with my tossing and turning.  I plop down in front of the computer and scroll through the internet, moving quickly from the BBC to the Ozone to the Drudge Report to Facebook, from blogs to Twitter feeds to Facebook pages.  My grinding brain lacks the focus needed to read a book, but the little dips into the information world that the internet offers are perfectly suited to my mental state.

After a few hours, it’s time to feed and walk the dogs, and let the day begin.  Tonight I’ll try again.