Thinking Time

One reason I like my morning walks is that they give me time to think.

I’m convinced that most people simply don’t have time to think about something.  At the office, we’re constantly interrupted by phone calls, emails, and knocked at the door.  At home, there are dogs that need attention, food to be prepared, TV shows to watch, and other distractions.  Time and space to really ruminate about something are in short supply.

But walks are ideal for some careful thinking.  Set out with an issue to consider, let your lower brain handle moving your feet and dodging cars, and let your upper brain get to work.  It’s amazing how often you’ve got a good thought about the issue by the end of the walk.

In the age of President Twitter, we could all use a bit more time to really think.

(Not) Thinking About Sex

Here’s something else that makes me proud of my alma mater — researchers at The Ohio State University have studied how often male and female college students think about sex.  Thank God that our scarce scientific resources have finally been directed at that crucial, too-often-ignored topic!

In any case, the study debunks the canard that men think about sex every seven seconds, which would mean that men think about sex 8,000 times in a 16-hour day.  Instead, the study found that the male subjects reported thinking about sex between 1 and 388 times each day, and the female subjects admitted to thinking about sex between 1 and 140 times per day.

On average, the men thought about sex 19 times a day, and the women thought about sex 10 times a day.  By way of comparison, men thought about food an average of 18 times a day and sleeping an average of 11 times a day, and women thought about food an average of 15 times a day and sleeping 8.5 times a day.

So, according to the study, men aren’t thinking about sex every waking second, and women aren’t either.  In fact, sex, food, and sleep account for only 48 of the thousands of the daily thoughts that college men presumably have.  But that just begs the question:  what in the world were these male college students thinking about the rest of the time?  Here’s my guess on some of the likely results:  (1) sports (200 thoughts per day); (2) beer (200 “thoughts” per day); (3) “This class sucks” (50 thoughts per day); (4) “Whoa, this room is trashed!” (40 times per day); (5) “When you think about it, Captain Picard was actually a better starship captain than Captain Kirk” (25 times a day).