Shower Power


We’ve got a big bridal shower coming up this weekend.  After weeks of careful planning and preparation, guests are starting to arrive in town, table assignments have been finalized, games and supplies have been determined, gaily wrapped gifts — with pink being a popular color — are starting to accumulate, and the big day is almost here.

As a guy who has never attended a bridal shower, and who frankly hopes to keep a clean record on that front, I can’t help but be impressed by the amount of effort that goes into bridal showers.  When I compare the care and attention devoted to making this shower a lovely occasion to the advance arrangements for the male variation — bachelor parties — the contrast is pretty stark.  The only things I remember about my bachelor party is that somebody brought Three Stooges movies that we watched on a home movie projector, as well as a bottle of Yukon Jack and a dusty shot glass that quickly did me in.  I don’t think there was much planning involved — and no pink, either.

Time For Some Stoogemania!

Now that the Buckeyes have made it to the Sweet Sixteen, it’s time to focus for a minute on other important topics — like the fact that a Three Stooges movie is being released this spring.  What do you think the chances are that I can get a refined person like Kish to go watch it with me?

Forget about politics, presidential campaigns, and gas prices:  what the world needs now is a few violin string plucks, a few hammers to the head, and some generalized Stooge mayhem.  Larry, Moe, and Curly can’t get here soon enough!

52 And Grouchy

Social scientists seem to conduct more provocative (yet still ultimately useless) studies in Great Britain than in the United States.  The latest example is research that concludes that people pretty much lose their sense of humor at age 52, become grumpy, and laugh less and less.  By the time they are in their 60s, most Brits apparently can barely manage a mild chortle once in a while, even when viewing the subtle comedic offerings of Benny Hill.  And with the grey, rainy weather that is characteristic of that Sceptred Isle, who can blame them?

As a 53-year-old American, I like to think I still have a pretty good sense of humor and ability to laugh.  In fact, I don’t think certain baseline characteristics of my sense of humor have changed much since I was a kid.  I’ll always laugh at  physical comedy and sophomoric stuff like the Three Stooges.  I’ve just built on that solid foundation of pie-in-the-face, shot-to-the-groin yucks to incorporate an appreciation of irony, sarcasm, and more highbrow comedic stylings.

I don’t have any doubt that laughter makes you feel better and more youthful in outlook.  My grandmother loved to laugh — at herself and others — and she was a delight to be around.  Mom will still laugh hard at, say, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  The key, I think, is to reserve some time to do those things that make you chuckle.  Maybe it’s time to make a date with a DVD of Animal House?

A Good Laugh on April Fool’s Day

I finished my 40 hour work week at 11:00 on Thursday so I went home and decided to veg out on the couch for a bit.

As I flipped through the channels I happened to run across The Movie Channel that was running an all day marathon on the Three Stooges for April Fools Day.

When I tuned in the episode being shown was this classic below. Always is worth a couple of laughs especially when the woman says “somebody give me a pie”.