Tiny Door (III)

IMG_0962This past weekend I discovered another tiny door, this one on Fifth in German Village.  Like the others, it’s fun and charming, but this one has a quaint, woodsy, fairy-tale feel to it.  You almost think that the little sprite just exited and left the sign to hold visitors at bay during his absence.

I’m pleased to say that the proprietors of this elfin door told me that my prior tiny door postings — here and here — motivated them to make this new contribution to the German Village tiny door collection.  Let the tiny doors roar!

Tiny Door

IMG_0765Kish and I were out taking Kasey for a walk, and she wanted to stop in at the Starbucks at Third and Sycamore to pick up a copy of the Sunday New York Times.  While I waited outside with Kasey, who was nosing around close to the ground as dogs are wont to do, I noticed that she was snuffling around . . . a tiny door in the concrete, right at the base of the building?  With a tiny crescent moon-eyed doormat, next to a tiny window?

What the heck?  There’s probably some significant message to the “covert” inside a heart with lightning bolts, in lurid pink and blue, or maybe its part of some urban art project, but if so I sure don’t know what it is.  I just thought it was pretty cool.