From The Capitol Theatre Balcony

Tonight Kish and I joined the Duke Fan and his lovely wife for dinner downtown at the Tip Top, followed by the Mike Birbiglia show at the Capitol Theatre at the Riffe Center.  We had a good dinner with great company, and the show was interesting with some memorable lines.

It’s the first time I’ve been to the Capitol Theatre, which is pretty pathetic on my part.  It’s a neat theater with good sight lines and acoustics, and it gives Columbus three very fine show theaters in the area immediately around the Ohio Statehouse.  I wish more people — myself included — took in the shows downtown, to help those theaters and the entire downtown arts scene thrive.

80 Degrees On April 2

We’ve been having amazing weather in Columbus the last few days.  Today it was 80-plus degrees, bright and sunny, and not humid.  The Tip-Top Kitchen and Due Amici, our neighboring Gay Street restaurants, had their sidewalk dining tables out, and they were doing a very brisk trade.  Weather like this makes you want to be outside, noshing on something tasty, drinking a frosty adult beverage, and watching people who aren’t wearing heavy, shapeless overcoats go by.

We know that this little bout of warm weather will end in a day or so — but we also know that summer will be here soon, and we’re happy we’ve had a taste of what is to come.