August Toadstools?

Here’s a visible sign of just how unbelievably wet this August has been — a bumper crop of ugly toadstools has sprouted in Schiller Park.  A few days ago I jokingly posted about all of the rain we’ve been getting, and wondered whether the next thing we would see was mushrooms — and now they’re here, effectively mocking my idle attempt at humor.

Toadstools, in the middle of what is traditionally one of the hottest, driest months of the year?  I almost hesitate to ask this, but what’s next now — snow?

‘Shroom Sighting

IMG_6860Yikes!  There are some gigantic mushrooms — or perhaps toadstools? — at Schiller Park.  By the way, how do you tell the difference between edible mushrooms and poisonous toadstools?  The answer, for me at least, is that I don’t even try — but I’m betting these bad boys fall into the latter category.  They look pretty nasty.

Summer ‘Shroom Season

IMG_6147Here’s a tangible sign of just how ridiculously cool and wet our summer has been so far — this morning, July 11, our flower beds are filled with these ugly gray toadstools.  They typically show up during the damp spring months but are long gone by mid-summer.

If we ever get a period of prolonged sunny, dry weather — which is a big if in Columbus right now — I will take great delight in seeing these unsightly monstrosities wither and die.