TFO Rocks The House

IMG_0524Last night Kish and I and a big group from the firm went to the Park Street Saloon near the North Market to watch our friend and colleague, the Jersey Girl, up on stage.  She’s one of ten members of TFO — for the Trans Fat Orchestra All Star Musical Revue.

It’s pretty cool that the Jersey Girl has the talent and moxie to sing under the spotlights to a crowded house.  What’s almost as cool is this:  because we paid a $5 cover charge, that means by definition that TFO is a professional rock band . . . which in turn means that we know a professional rocker in person!  I can finally scratch that one off the bucket list.

The Jersey Girl did a great job, of course, and TFO puts on a really good show.  A little Blues Brothers, a little Steely Dan, a little Joe Cocker, a little Johnny Rivers, some Janis Joplin — the Jersey Girl’s trademark — thrown in for good measure, and a lot else, besides.  As a ten-person group, with a three-member horn section, TFO puts out a really big sound, and they got the crowd to dancing.  (I’ve always liked horn bands, too.)  I’d definitely go see them again.  And the Park Street Saloon is a good venue for a show.

Way to go, Jersey Girl!