The QC And The U Of C Stroll

This weekend on our brief visit to Chicago we’re staying at the Quadrangle Club on the University of Chicago campus.

Kish20140628-075026-28226642.jpg picked the QC because its close to Richard’s new Chicago apartment in Hyde Park — and because it’s got a lot more charm than some of hotel options nearby. It’s in a brick building with wide stone staircases and has a restaurant and bar, meeting rooms, and lodging on the third floor. We knew we’d found a good place and were in for a classy experience when we got to our room and found brass room numbers on a wooden door and a personal card in olde English script in a slot on the front of the door saying “Welcome M/M Webner.”


The proximity of the QC to the U of C campus gave us a welcome excuse to stroll the grounds of one of America’s preeminent universities. Most of older academic institutions in the United States are physically gorgeous, and the University of Chicago is no exception. The older part of campus is filled with graceful gothic buildings and wide shade trees, and the grounds are landscaped with colorful and well-tended flower beds. And then you come across a more whimsical structure, like the purple-themed Max Palevsky Residential Commons complex, which looks like it was designed by Willy Wonka. It makes a walking tour of U of C a fun bit of exercise.


Modern Art, Or Campus Sign Post

This object on the University of Chicago campus looks like a piece of modern art, with its different textures and markings. Alas, it’s just an incredibly well used sign post, embedded with hundreds of staples that cling to little scraps of paper left by countless signs announcing lectures or dance recitals or rock concerts, leaving an inadvertent design. When you walk past, you can’t help but wonder how old is the oldest shard of paper on the post.

Art is all around us.