A Heartfelt Ode To Office Basketball Pools

Our diverse country is rarely unified in thought or deed, but this week is an exception:  we can say with supreme confidence that virtually every worker in America is filling out their office’s version of the NCAA Tournament pool.  Our ability, from sea to shining sea, to share in the communal experience of NCAA Tournament wagering has moved me to verse:

An Ode To Office Basketball Pools

IMG_3402The Ides have passed, and now it’s here,

Our annual betting racket

I feel the heat, I must complete

My NCAA bracket.

I’ve studied hard and thought with care. 

And confidence?  I don’t lack it

I know this year I’ll win it clear

Thanks to this perfect bracket!

I’ll fold it neat and keep it near

So success, I can track it

And I’ll peruse whene’er I choose

My pristine tourney bracket!

Then Thursday comes, and upsets, too

And my forehead, I will smack it

As X-outs sprout and teams go out

And mar fore’er my bracket.

By Sunday night I’m crushed and mad

And fit for a strait jacket

My Final Four are all no more

Another failed bracket!

A shining moment, I ne’er had

If it were underground I’d frack it

I’m in the ditch, it’s fit to pitch

Curs’d NCAA bracket!