That $88,000,000 Apartment

An “apartment” located on Central Park West in New York City has sold for its asking price — $88 million.  It was bought by a fabulously wealthy Russian fertilizer czar whose 22-year-old daughter apparently will live there.  (I hope she at least said, “Spasiba!”)

Of course, calling it an “apartment” is kind of silly.  It’s the penthouse of an apartment building that occupies an entire block.  The apartment encompasses 6,784 square feet — which is significantly larger than our home — and includes a library, four bedrooms, a den, a gallery, and three large terraces overlooking Central Park and the surrounding neighborhood.  You’d have to sell a lot of fertilizer to afford such luxury.

My first apartment, a two-bedroom job located just off the Ohio State campus that I rented in 1976, cost $150 a month.  It had a cheap stucco exterior, ultra-thin walls, puke green carpeting, and a complete lack of any security devices.  It was humble, but I called it home.