Weekend Power

Did you ever have a week at work where you were so busy you really kind of lost track of the passing days in the crush — then, on Friday, you realized the weekend is just around the bend, a few hours away?

Weekend Just Ahead Green Road Sign, Business ConceptIt’s been that kind of week for me, and this morning I had that very pleasant realization.

It makes you appreciate the powerful allure of the weekend — and, in fact, the importance of the very concept of a “weekend.”  Our ancient ancestors, who knew no officially designated work week, never experienced the positive feelings generated by an approaching weekend.  Those poor unfortunates had to work all the time to avoid sabertooth tigers and other predators and engage in the hunting and gathering activities that caused them to be called hunter-gatherers.  They basically had no officially sanctioned down time.  Imagine how much they would have appreciated a weekend here or there, to allow them to catch their breath, stop the hunting and gathering for a time, and enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet?

Weekend Peace And Quiet

IMG_0437After a few days of the hurly-burly of Manhattan I am especially looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet.  I’m hoping for the weekend equivalent of this vista from one of the scenic overlooks along the Blue Ridge Parkway, where the distances were vast and the expanse swallowed up all sound but for the wind murmuring among the hills below.

We all value our weekends, but often they are packed with engagements and events, dinner parties and commitments.  We enjoy those weekends, to be sure, but it’s also nice to have the occasional weekend where there isn’t much on the calendar and the idle hours lie ahead like empty hills that stretch far way to the blue horizon.

Maybe we’ll go to a movie, or for a walk if the weather permits.  Or maybe we’ll do nothing much except enjoy some conversation over a cup of coffee and the quiet pleasure of sitting comfortably side-by-side as we read our books.

A Weekend Without A “Weekend”

Here it is Monday, and I feel like I didn’t have a “weekend.”

IMG_3665It was one of those hectic working weekends, where Saturday and Sunday were packed from morning to evening with office obligations and important jobs on the home front.  As a result, there was no time for the relaxation and lazy hours that make the normal weekend so enjoyable.  No golf, no afternoon trip to the movie theater, and no whiling away the morning hours listening to music.

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself this morning for missing out on some mental down time, then I told myself to suck it up.  A weekend is a relatively modern invention, after all; for most of human history our ancestors had to work hard every day just to get by.  Sometimes life just doesn’t allow you to punch a clock.