Worst Product Defect Ever

It’s just a rip in a small plastic bag, but I think it’s the worst product defect ever.

IMG_2223The problem is the purpose of the small plastic bag.  It’s supposed to fit over your hand.  Then, you use it to pick up your dog’s fragrant deposits in public areas, reverse the bag and tie it off, and then toss it in a disposal container.  So, if there is tear in the bag, when you use it for its intended purpose unfortunate and disgusting consequences involving your dominant hand inevitably will ensue.  Fortunately, I noticed the rip when I inserted my hand — but if I hadn’t I’d be permanently scarred and unwilling to ever do the dog owners’ doo-doo duty in the future.

There are many defects a plastic bag could have — wrong color, wrong shape, or wrong thickness, to name just a few.  A rip in a dog poop retrieval bag, however, is such a catastrophic defect you wonder if it might actually be an intentional act of worker sabotage — if a downtrodden worker in the factory that produces the bags, barely earning a living wage and tired of his boss and his life, got a chuckle out of the idea of ripping a few bags on the assembly line and then envisioning how a plump, arrogant American with an overweight, pampered dog would react when he ended up with a hand covered with foul-smelling dog dung.

If so, I’m sorry to disappoint.