Summer Storms

Last night a cell of severe thunderstorms rolled through central Ohio and knocked out power in our neighborhood for hours.  It was our first true summer storm of the season, with all of the hallmarks of the same:  fierce winds, a torrent of rain, heavy thunder and lightning, a quick, sharp drop in the temperature, and the low moan of the “serious weather” siren in the background of it all.

There is something awesome and majestic about summer thunderstorms in the Midwest.  As Kish and I looked out our windows last night, we saw the winds bending our backyard trees and bushes almost to the breaking point, making the trees shake like believers at a revival meeting.  The storm dumped so much rain so quickly that water pooled up even on our brick patio and flower beds.  We heard the crack of lightning, felt the low, grinding throb of cascading thunder vibrating the ground, and heard the staccato beat of the gusty rain drumming against the outer walls.  Through it all, the sky had that sickly yellow color that always seems to accompany a severe storm. We were very glad to be indoors!

This morning, Penny and I ventured out to assess the aftermath of the heavy weather.  Although the storm seemed violent, it didn’t appear to do to much damage in our immediate neighborhood.  A few branches were knocked to the ground and leaves and other tree debris were scattered across the roads and walking paths, but no big trees were down.  The sky was clear and blue, and world felt cool and well washed.

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