Mesmerized by Thrones

Wow, if you are looking for really interesting reading I would highly recommend the series of books George R. R. Martin (GRRM) has written from which Game of Thrones the HBO series is based. You can pick up the first four books in a paperback set, A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords and A Feast for Crows for about $30 at Barnes and Noble.

The series is told in the third person from the point of view of his characters which he so richly develops (my favorite being Tyrion an imp whose mother died during his birth leaving his father to loathe him). Wiki places the books in the epic or high fantasy genre and I have several friends both male and female that are currently reading the series so it seems to have appeal for both sexes. All of us reading the series agree you find yourself staying up til early in the morning reading to find out what happens next and you really can’t put the books down.

The story is set in medieval times and revolves around several plots, a group of families who have at one time or another ruled the fictional continent of Westeros all wanting to rule it again, the threat from “others” who dwell beyond a great wall of ice which protects Westeros northern border and the desire of an exiled daughter of a deceased mad king to return to the throne and rule Westeros.

Probably the thing I like most about GRRM’s writing is the way he cleverly will make you believe one or more of his characters is dead and the fact that he does kill off major characters at a whim (maybe it’s just me, but I am tired of reading books where everything always works out for the main characters).

I just completed book three, A Storm of Swords which was the best so far so if you have been watching the HBO series season three will have many surprises in store for you. I did watch Season one when it came out on DVD and I happen to think that the books are much better than the HBO series itself. GRRM has written book five, A Dance with Dragons which was published in 2011 and he is currently writing book six, The Winds of Winter now.

All I know is I am hooked and you might be to if you give these a try – Happy Reading !

1 thought on “Mesmerized by Thrones

  1. This is not a negative review. So far, The Song of Ice and Fire saga remains interesting, somewhat unpredictable and well written. However, I must state that when nothing ever seems to go right for the most likable characters, it does tend to get REALLY tiresome and REALLY frustrating after a while (especially now that I am over 1300 pages into this thing). In fact, Martin seems rather to enjoy the fact that anything planned by the “good guys” goes awry. Sure, the Starks win some victories here and there. King Robb wins a few battles, but even here Martin usually tells us about them after the fact. We don’t even get the satisfaction of reading about Robb’s victories (for some reason, we don’t get his POV). I have no problem with the bad guys winning sometimes. That’s just reality and it allows us to understand the “good” in a more vivid perspective. But so far, this series has been a non stop descent into the evils that men do. Be prepared: At any opportunity, Martin ensures that these books are as cruel and crude as possible. If you are normal, this starts to drain you emotionally after a while. Nevertheless, I’m already reading book 3.


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