Well it will be back to business in the Congress this week with the Republicans repealing all of the Health Reform Act passed by the prior Congress.

I was hopeful that early on the Republicans would try and bring some civility back into the process, but with their first order of business being – Repealing the Job Killing Health Care law Act – I am skeptical.

This recent article points to the fact that it looks like small business is taking advantage of the tax incentives put in the bill and are offering their employees health insurance. According to the article, concrete numbers will not be out until after tax returns are filed in April so why eliminate a part of the bill that might actually be working ?

We will no doubt hear more about death panels. While I don’t want someone telling my loved ones what they should and shouldn’t do if I am incapacitated, there was a compelling story on Frontline called Facing Death which brings up the issue that family members don’t tell their loved ones what they want if a medical situations arises.

Just a thought to the Republicans, why not make your first order of business a positive one, looking for ways to improve upon the bill as opposed to scraping the whole thing. That way it would make it look like you are trying to work together with the Democrats !

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  1. Sometimes you have to wipe the slate clean before you can start to design a better plan. The Dems where in so much of a hurry to pass something to appease the progressives that they passed a severally flawed bill. You do notice that they only talk about the few things the bill does right and avoid discussing the real cost of this thing? The plan of the Dems was to manipulate the public for the 2012 election, why do you think none of the costly benefits don’t kick in until 2013 – 2014.

    Once the bill is repealed we can then move forward with a real plan to fix the mess that is the medical insurance industry and the rising cost of medical care. But it would be near impossible to get the right solutions when you have to wade your way through the mess that is “Obamacare”.


    • Agreed. I think the bill should be repealed and the Dems and Republicans should really work together to create a new healthcare bill from scratch….without completely unrelated legislation tacked on, and more of a compromise than completely partisan. But this may not be realistic.

      I always feel like politicians are far from desiring what normal people desire….they are so much more one-sided than anyone I talk to about politics. My friends and I find ourselves conflicted and “in between” instead of on one side or the other.


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