Tremendous Tribe !

To readers of the Webner family blog – for those of you that don’t know this already, Bob’s love for our sports teams, the Browns and the Indians is steeped in superstition, in fact Bob recently posted the following statement on his Facebook page in mid April :

“I am afraid to watch a Tribe game. I haven’t watched any so far this year and they are off to a good start. If I watch a game, will I jinx them ? Or have I jinxed them even writing this? Or have I jinxed them by even thinking this.”

And look what has happened so far this year, the Indians have the best record in baseball at 19 – 8, are leading the American League Central by 4 1/2 games, they have a thirteen game home winning streak and they just won their last three games in come from behind fashion over the Detroit Tigers.

So Bob the answer to your question is no, you haven’t jinxed them writing or thinking about them, but my question to you is can you go an entire summer without watching a single Tribe game ?

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