Out of Touch

While there is still work to be done it looks as though Qaddafi’s regime is ending and we should all be happy for the people of Libya with hopes that they will now have the opportunity to live in a more free society then what they have been subjected to for the past forty two years.

The Obama administration opted for a more cautious approach partnering with the international community (NATO) using some air power, predator drone attacks and dispatching French and British special forces behind the Libyan border to train and arm rebel forces. Mosques broadcasted public messages urging civilians to fight the regime activating sleeper cells on Sunday around the country which led to the rebel takeover.

Of course John McCain pictured above felt the need to release the following statement “Americans can be proud of the role our country has played in helping to defeat Kadafi, but we regret that this success was so long in coming due to the failure of the United States to employee the full weight of our airpower.”

Seriously John you regret that the success was so long in coming, longer than say the war you say we can still win in Afghanistan that’s been going on for almost ten years costing us billions of dollars. One of the reasons I voted for Obama was because I felt we needed someone who could provide a fresh perspective on dealing with foreign affair issues.

Unfortunately for John McCain and the Republicans what I heard on the campaign trail and during the debates was more of the same that we got from the prior administration ! I give the current administration high marks for what they are doing abroad.

3 thoughts on “Out of Touch

  1. I told Scott this evening I am so sick and tired of hearing/reading about it! That is all npr and pri are covering! They are a bunch of chauvenistic (sp) religious zealuts (sp) who treat the women of their country like pieces of shit, men abuse them, rape them steal from them, their own wives! I’m all for nations/countries gaining freedoms but do we really want these kind of people to have free reign? If they act like this now what happens when they get more rights and freedoms! I have heard womens rights activists speak on the behalf of these women, and it is so sad! They just want the right to be fed before the men, and not cover their faces! What about freedom from oppression and basic civil liberties! I’m just very frustrated w/Us and our involment in these foreign affairs when we have people right here in our country that our hungry, abused, neglected, etc..screw, I mean what does lybia really have to offer us? Eho cares about our nato partnership! Really?
    Well I’m venting and rambling a bit, funny how u posted this just as I was complaining about it today, and the last week really!


    • Wow Heather – there is a lot going on in this note and I sympathize with your frustration, but given the rights women have in this country shouldn’t we at least try to give women who live in these Arab countries some hope that regime change might bring them more freedoms in the future. My feeling is the Obama administration tried their best to find a cost effective method of doing so as opposed to turning a blind eye to what was going on in Libya. Just my humble opinion.


  2. Afghanistan is destroying our young men and women, who are coming home with severe physical and emotional wounds, kids enlist because there are no jobs in this country. The continuing war in Afghanistan is likely about the acquisition of minerals and lithium.

    While the Arab Spring has been encouraging, Heather’s concerns are justified. In order for women to gain basic human rights the culture would have to change, which presents the recurring dilemma of Americans imposing their way of life on others. At what point are we dictating social mores? Perhaps if we spent more time educating people to provide fresh water and wholesome food for themselves and less time dropping bombs, we’d see fundamental changes for peace and equality in the world.


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