Condoleezza Rice Hits It Out Of The Park

Condoleezza Rice has always impressed me as a thoughtful, accomplished woman who had brainpower to spare.  Who knew she also could give a really good speech?

Her remarks tonight cut through the standard political noise and presented a compelling overview of the world and America’s role in it — how American leadership makes a difference in staving off the forces of chaos and repression, how America serves as an inspiration for the oppressed, and how America must stand up for free people and free markets  And, she pointed out, America can only lead the world, as it must lead the world, if it is strong at home, economically and educationally, and true to its ideals of freedom and opportunity.

Rice delivers her remarks in measured tones, letting the force of her ideas and carefully chosen words have an increasingly powerful impact.  Her speech, available here, is well worth reading.

3 thoughts on “Condoleezza Rice Hits It Out Of The Park

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I thought it was really fun to watch such an uncomfortable speaker rise above her obvious discomfort to make such a powerful statement.


  2. Her speech was effective. We haven’t been leaders in a while. The US is no longer the greatest country in the world. We have become great at mediocrity. Even Obama says how great we are, I haven’t seen any current examples of greatness and I can’t recall anything worthy of the description in a long, long time.


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