Fat City

It’s a bit of a downer on a Friday evening, but this article about the obesity epidemic in the world is an exceptional read.  Written by an Australian doctor, it is a stunning, deeply disturbing description of how the modern world is encouraging people to eat themselves to death.  It’s long, but you should read every word . . . because the world’s weight problem deserves our attention.

It’s quite extraordinary, when you think about it:  a world that produces processed “food” that provides little nutritional value but lots of caloric content, marketing campaigns that encourage people to believe that consuming a hamburger is one of the greatest  achievements a human could aspire to, and lonely people who are willing to eat, and eat, and eat to the point where they can’t move without assistance or be transported without special vehicles and need special medical treatment for their weight-related afflictions.   What has happened to our culture that so many people have consumed to the point that they are at such a state, and can’t help themselves even when they know their appetites are the cause of their problems?

To be sure, those are just the truly excessive cases . . . yet I seem to see more and more kids who seem to be morbidly obese, and inactive.  Is this our future?  Is the hot personal care product of the near future some kind of skin cream that prevents chafing between those rolls of flab, or a special mirror apparatus that allows you to make sure that you don’t have those pesky open sores on your feet?

Why are people doing this to themselves?  It is a question that we really need to answer.

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