Another Reason Not To Trust “Stimulus” Statistics

You’d think that the Obama Administration and Congress would have realized by now that it is pointless and counterproductive to try to convince Americans that the “stimulus” bill was a huge success, but they keep trying anyway.

Earlier this week, for example, President Obama visited Columbus and cited the work of one local architecture firm on a new crime lab as another example of the positive economic impact of the “stimulus” legislation.

The Columbus Dispatch now reports that the President was wrong, and that in fact no “stimulus” money is involved in the project.  It’s just another reason to be skeptical of the silly, unvalidated “jobs created or saved” statistics that get thrown around in attempting to justify what clearly was a wasteful pork barrel bill that did not provide the economic boost that was promised.

1 thought on “Another Reason Not To Trust “Stimulus” Statistics

  1. I agree with you on virtually every point you have made in your various posts on this issue, and related issues. during our recent summer vacation, I was talking with a family member who owns a construction company that does mostly site development work in another state. He was telling me about the absurdity of a couple of “stimulus” projects his firm is doing. While he is happy to have the work, he believes these particular projects are generally a waste of the taxpayers’ money, and he was telling me he was being coerced to pretend that the “stimulus” projects his firm is doing are creating jobs (he says the projects did not create the jobs he was being told to say they have).

    As always, I enjoy the wide-ranging topics addressed by the Webner family members. Thank you for your family blog.


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