A Few Words From The Veep

Vice President Joe Biden spoke to the Democratic National Committee on Friday to urge Democrats to shake off their pessimism about the upcoming midterm elections.

I’m not sure that Biden has a lot of credibility in general — I think he may have come up with the unfortunate phrase “Summer of Recovery,” and he confidently predicted that the economy would be producing hundreds of thousands of jobs by now — but I agree with him in this instance.  There is a difference between realism and pessimism.  Realists recognize their shortcomings and develop strategies to try to address them.  Pessimists waste their time hand-wringing.

If life teaches us anything, it is that people who have given up before the contest even occurs usually lose.  If Democrats want to be competitive in November, they need to come up with a theme that they think may work and be loud and proud about it.  Hangdog candidates doing half-hearted campaigning aren’t going to get the job done.

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