The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

Sometimes new members join the pack for a few days.  Last week it was Effie, the White-Haired Woman, and the Pretty Lady. I could tell they were coming because the Leader put the spare bowl down.  When I see the spare bowl, I know that it will soon be filled with food.  That makes excited, and I try to be alert for extra eating opportunities.

I liked having the new members of the pack around.  The White-Haired Woman gave me food from the table.  That was good!  And when the White-Haired Woman filled the spare bowl with food for Effie, I beat Effie to the spot and ate some of the food.  That was good, too.   Effie is old, and I’m just faster than she is.  Better luck next time, Effie!  After that happened, I decided that from time to time I should check the spare bowl to see if any new food was there.  Usually there wasn’t any, but you never know.

Then they left, and things went back to normal.

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