Dinner At Rigsby’s

Tonight, on the spur of the moment, some friends and I decided to have dinner at Rigsby’s.  It was a very wise decision — but then, deciding to have dinner at Rigsby’s always is.

Rigsby’s has been a mainstay of the Short North dining scene for years.  That longevity, in and of itself, tells you something positive about the place.  The food is always excellent, the atmosphere is bustling without being too noisy to have a conversation, the ambiance is urban, the waitstaff is knowledgeable but unobtrusive, and the wine list is intelligent but not overpowering.  What more do you want in a restaurant?

We started with some top-notch oysters, enjoyed soup and salad,  and then I had pasta, one fellow diner had fish, and another had pork.  All of the food was well prepared.  My entree was pappardelle with rabbit, and it was exceptionally good.  We washed the fine food down with a bottle of the Cantina Pedras Cannonau, which is a terrific wine value.

Rigsby’s has been on my Columbus Top Ten list forever.  It’s a place that shows off Columbus to good effect, and since my dining companions tonight were from out of town, Rigsby’s was an easy choice.  It didn’t disappoint.

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