In The Clown Car

Kish rented a tiny, two-door Fiat upon her arrival in Maine.  I can’t say that I’ll be sorry to see that particular car in the rear-view mirror.

The car is way too small.  Yesterday Kish, Richard, Russell, and I and our bags were crammed into the little vehicle, and needless to say it was an uncomfortable fit.  The rear seats had to be adjusted forward to allow the bags to go into the trunk — if you can call a compartment about the size of a window flower box a trunk — and the unlucky occupants of the back seats also had to carry bags in their laps and have bags perched beneath their feet.  When the car came to a stop and the four full-size adult occupants disembarked, no doubt observers thought it looked like the arrival of the clown car under the Big Top at the Ringling Brothers circus.  t wouldn’t have surprised me to be splattered with a cream pie as I gingerly extricated myself.

The cramped size of the car wasn’t the only issue.  It also had an acceleration problem that quickly became irritating.  At times the acceleration would drag, and then the car would move into the correct gear with a thump and a kick in the rear that knocked your skull back against the head rest of the seat.  Coming on top of the ridiculously tight quarters, it was adding literal injury to insult.

1 thought on “In The Clown Car

  1. Reminds me of a joke I learned while living in Poland (the home of the Fiat 126p or “maly fiat” in the local parlance–a less fancy version of the current Fiat 500 and a bit smaller): “How many elephants fit in a maly fiat? Answer: 4, 2 in the front and 2 in the back.”

    Bob, now that you’ve been in one of these, you probably get the joke.




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