I Hate Those “How Am I Driving?” Bumper Stickers

I hereby confess to you all:  I hate those “How Am I Driving?” bumper stickers that you see on so many commercial vehicles.

IMG_3030The point of the bumper sticker, evidently, is to indicate that the company that owns the truck or van deeply cares about the views of the other poor unfortunates on the highway and will take stern action if it receives complaints about reckless or otherwise crappy driving by its employees.  (The alternative explanation — that the drivers themselves are incredibly needy people who crave constant reinforcement from complete strangers about their driving abilities — is too disturbing to contemplate.)

Was there ever an emptier effort by a business to establish a positive civic profile?  Has anyone ever actually called the number shown?  I’ve got to believe you get a recording and a confusing set of different push-button options — if the number is even a real number in the first place.

Are you supposed to call while you are driving, or are you supposed to somehow jot down the phone number while you are driving, as well as the number of the particular vehicle, and then call later?  Either way, the bumper stickers seem designed to hinder highway safety, rather than promote it.  And, even worse, isn’t it awfully presumptuous for the business owner to think that I’ll waste my precious time giving them feedback on their employees?  Who in the world would care so little about the value of their free time that they would spend it calling a number to tell some flunky about about somebody else’s driving?

If a company wants to be a good member of the community, let them treat their customers fairly, pay their employees a reasonable wage, and support civic institutions.  They shouldn’t try to skate by with some meaningless bumper sticker.

2 thoughts on “I Hate Those “How Am I Driving?” Bumper Stickers

  1. Just discovered this website. I’m a Webner by birth (Orrville, Ohio) and work on family history when I find time. Who are YOU? Anyway, my husband was driving once, and I the passenger, when a big semi rudely cut us off in such a way that we were nearly in an accident that would have killed us. I called the number on the back of the semi and gave all the necessary info. The person who answered really seemed to appreciate the call. Don’t know if the driver was reprimanded or what, but WE felt a little better.


  2. I know I’m resurrecting a really old post, but this topic is as relevant today as it was then.

    Personally, I’m for them. Nothing wrong with a little accountability.

    You do make some valid points. How is it possible to make a note of the phone number? One possible way is at the next red light if that option comes up. Write it down? Maybe. Either that or just memorize the 10 digit number. Usually its an 800 number so its only 7 numbers to memorize. I don’t think memorizing 7 digits or even 10 digits for that matter is a fantastic mental accomplishment.

    Do I call? You better believe it. I call more with negative feedback, but on occasion, when I see a driver doing something particularly nice or sacrificial I make it a point to call and say that I was pleased with the driving. Not that letting someone it is a huge sacrifice. Maybe they miss the green light and have to wait a minute or too. Its the thought that counts. Usually no good deed goes unpunished but sometimes it is rewarded.


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