Like A Painful, Living Commercial

If you tried to gauge the importance of specific health issues in modern America solely on the basis of how many commercials are devoted to treatments of the condition, you would undoubtedly conclude that male impotence is the most crucial health issue confronting Americans today.

Every one of those commercials has the curious “risk factor” disclosure that states that if a guy who takes the drug experiences an erection that lasts more than four hours, he should consult a doctor.  Now there’s a lawsuit going to trial that’s like that — except the erection lasted for eight monthsEight months?  Yikes!

The case involves the installation of an inflatable penile pump gone awry.  The plaintiff says the operation left him in a condition where he couldn’t perform normally daily activities, like picking up the newspaper and riding his motorcycle.  The defendant says that sometimes operations just don’t work, through no fault of anyone, and that in any case the plaintiff should have known that there was a problem when his scrotum swelled up to the size of a volleyball.  The size of a volleyball?  Double yikes!

The plaintiff apparently stuck with the implant and had it removed only when tubing from the implant punctured his scrotum during a family trip to Niagara Falls.  Punctured his scrotum on a family trip to Niagara Falls?  Triple yikes!

I recognize that impotence causes significant emotional and psychological issues for many men suffering from that condition . . . but boy, I would have to think long and hard (bad pun alert) before running the risk of those kinds of potential consequences.

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