C’est La Vie

I was rooting hard for Ohio State to beat Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship Game on Saturday night.  But Michigan State is no Duke, and my wishes went aborning.

IMG_1822I give all credit to Michigan State, for a game well played.  I wish we had just pounded the ball after we took the lead in the second half, but I am not a coach.  Michigan State won, fair and square.  Tonight, they were the better team.

The holiday season beckons.  We’ll play in a bowl game, but not in a national championship game.  As I communicated to Uncle Mack during the game. c’est la vie.

I’m still proud of this team, and this season.  Don’t get down!

1 thought on “C’est La Vie

  1. Had Northern Illinois beaten BGSU yesterday, the MAC would have been $8million richer. Sorry, Robert, but this $$$$-driven exploitation of vulnerable young men continues to turn me off.

    What does Webnerhouse think about paying these kids?


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