I’ve now got steel pins in the bones of the middle three toes of my left foot. It sounds pretty painful, and it is. In fact, it hurts like hell.

Curiously, I didn’t really focus on this aspect of the surgery before going under the knife. I guess I thought it would be like having a dental implant, or some other painless miracle of modern medicine. It isn’t. When you’re drilling holes in bones and inserting metal rods, it’s going to hurt. The fact that the pins protrude from my toes and have little yellow plastic balls at the tip, like some kind of doll pin, just adds insult to injury. And I’ll probably never use the word “pinpoint” again without an inward shudder.

My painful, pinful experience also helps to explain the back story and motivation of that Pinhead horror movie character from the Hellraiser series. I’ve only got pins in three toes; that poor bastard had pins in every square inch of his head. No wonder the guy was always in such a foul mood! Just imagine how murderous he would have been if he had little yellow balls on the end of each pin, too.

3 thoughts on “Pinfoot

  1. When you first posted your future surgery, I remember thinking, I wonder if something a little less invasive would work, popsicle sticks and duct tape for instance. Geez, it sounds just awful and the fact that the pins stick out is MOST unsettling.
    Now that you’ve traumatized me with the vision of pins sticking out of three little piggies, I wonder if you’d care to say what will happen to them later and how it will happen? In the meantime, I’m checking my supply of duct tape and popsicle sticks.


    • My sister actually suggested popsicle sticks, EJ! Unfortunately, surgery was the only viable option. Eventually, the pins will be removed, and by then my toes are supposed to be straightened. We’ll see!


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