Feeling Good About The Frog

This morning, as I was walking through our downstairs hallway, I noticed an intruder in the house.  At first I thought it was a moth, but instead it was a small green frog, clinging to the wall at about baseboard level.

How it got into our house is anybody’s guess.  I’d guess it was a green tree frog — about the size of a half dollar, with long webbed toes and excellent adhesive abilities.  Kasey noticed him, too, and was starting to pay the little guy an uncomfortable amount of attention.  I got a dish towel, draped it over him, gently picked him up, and took him outside and dropped him onto the grass.  He quickly hopped under some nearby bushes and was gone, probably on his way back to the tree at the corner of our house.

This is the first frog in our house that I can remember, but it’s not uncommon for us to find that moths, bees, spiders, and even birds have gotten into the house somehow.  Whenever that happens I always try to do whatever I can to get them back outside, safely and without injury, and when I do so I feel a bit better about myself.  After I set Mr. Frog on the path to freedom this morning, I walked around the Yantis Loop with an extra hop in my step.

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