France Fried

The world is becoming an increasingly weird place. Here’s further evidence of that obvious truth: Popeyes Fried Chicken is planning on opening hundreds of its restaurants in locations across France.

The move into France follows highly successful openings of Popeyes restaurants in the U.K. and Spain. Popeyes, which has more than 3,600 restaurants worldwide, also plans on opening restaurants in India, Mexico, Romania, and Saudi Arabia. The Popeyes outlets in France will serve chicken raised by French farmers and will make its trademark spicy seasoning using locally grown ingredients.

How are those people who have zealously sought to protect the culture of France reacting to this bombshell? For decades, the proud French elite has fought a desperate rear-guard action to shield French culture and institutions from the encroachments of “Americanization” — as evidenced by this article about the topic from The Atlantic that was published in 1958. I remember learning in my French classes that France was so desperate to avoid the taint of American culture that it would create new French words just to prevent the French public’s adoption of American words like “supermarket.”

And now there will be hundreds of Popeye’s in France. What’s next: an Olive Garden invasion of Italy?

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