Disaster iN COLumBus

tornadoes in oklahoma, alabama and missouri. hundreds dead. Flooding all along the mississippi…Louisiana handed another RAW deal… and on this beautiful monday in Ohio, another implausible disaster….


no one will die, no one will have to live in shelters, or wait in line for potable water, BUT for Ohio State fans this latest disaster CERTAINLY hurts the most.

What do I think? Well, for starters, in 5 or 10 years or whenever the NCAA is finally reduced to the scrap and manure that it deserves to be, Tressel will be viewed as an innocent victim in the f*cked up system of college football, and college sports today. In any other aspect of society where people use their skills to make so much money, they would DEMAND their fair cut of the profits. To extrapolate the situation here, in the bluntest terms, Tressel was fired because some of his biggest star athletes, who came from poor backgrounds, sold memorabilia they earned themselves. Tressel covered it up, yes, but to protect his own players. Should a coach be held more accountable to the NCAA and compliance departments than to his own players? I think not, and you wouldnt expect that from a coach at ANY OTHER LEVEL. The bottom line is these athletes dont get paid, but make MILLIONS of dollars not only for their universities, but for TV networks and corporate sponsors. Problems similar to the OSU controversies of late will only increase in frequency until the clear hypocrisy in college sports is righted. When the time comes where the athletes who risk their lives to entertain us get the compensation they deserve, people will look back at the Tressel resignation (read: firing) and say “wow, that guy got screwed.”

Tressel was meant to be the OSU coach until he was in a wheelchair, hell, until he was in a hospital bed with an IV in his arm on the sideline beating the SH!T out of michigan for the 30th time. But thanks to the NCAA and Gordon Gee, and the idealistic, fantasy vision of college football, Tressel is unfairly disgraced and ripped from the legacy that was rightly his.

1 thought on “Disaster iN COLumBus

  1. On the one hand, it’s pathetic/infuriating that multiple players put JT in this situation to begin with. I don’t buy for a second that players didn’t know selling memorabilia was against the rules or that they had to sell stuff just to get by. Unfortunately, a coach can’t watch his players 24/7, and players are going to find ways to get in trouble due to the strict NCAA rules you mention.

    On the other hand, coach made a big mistake. Tress’ resignation/firing was inevitable from the moment it came out that he had lied to the NCAA regarding his knowledge of “tatgate”. That this one mistake is the end of the road for him is a shame. I’m interested to see what this supposed bombshell SI article has to say.

    I understand why JT and the players are in trouble, but I don’t agree with the a lot of the rules that got them here in the first place. Of all the things to get busted for (mansions in USC, 180k at Auburn) this seems like such a petty offense. Of course the cover-up is always worse than the initial crime. I agree that in just about any other business, NCAA rules seem absurd.

    But how do you change the game? In a free market, many of these athletes would be making millions. Do you let them go straight to the NFL? I don’t think it’s feasible for almost any 18 year old to enter such a physical league playing against 30 year olds. If you keep the 2/3 year post h.s. graduation entry rule, how do you compensate players at the college level? Set up a pay scale for recruits? Players allowed to make money off their own likeness? At that point it’s almost like a minor league. And where does it stop? All college athletes? Even for the biggest athletic programs only FB/BB make any money at all. How can other programs compete and how do the rest of the sports fare?

    A few things I wonder: What is JT’s next move? College (and if so, small Ohio school or try for another big job), Analyst, NFL, ride off into the sunset? Also, if he had to do it all over again, what would he do differently? (not recruit certain players, etc.)


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