Square Deal Garage

Route 15 runs right into the Square Deal Garage on the outskirts of town. It’s an iconic, well maintained, throwback building that has a a distinctive Maine feel to it. When you see the red Pegasus, you know you’re almost to Stonington.


Sunset Over North Haven, 7:42 p.m.

We started today with sunrise over Stonington Harbor, so it’s only appropriate that we end it with a sunset — this time, over North Haven, an island community west of Stonington that is reachable only by boat. It’s a cool little community, and it’s got a great sunset view.

On The Commons

The old ball game didn’t end well for the Indians, but Russell and I have enjoyed our trip to Boston nevertheless. After leaving Fenway Park we walked around Boston and visited the Boston Commons and the Public Garden, both of which were packed with people. Families, tourists, people leaving work, joggers, people reading on the grass on a sunny day with a delightful breeze — all were drawn to the green space.

It made me realize, again, what value there is to cities in having downtown parkland where people can gather. And a few fountains and monuments don’t hurt, either.

The Mark Island Lighthouse

Every day we hear a low, sad sound — a kind of moan that comes in from somewhere out in the Stonington area harbor. It’s a very melancholy sound to hear on a quiet summer evening.

The sound is made by the Mark Island lighthouse, to caution ships that they are approaching the shore. We chugged past the tiny lighthouse on Sunday, on our tour of the harbor. The Mark Island lighthouse foghorn obviously serves a useful purpose, but why must the sound be so plaintive? Why not a happy burst of uplifting music instead?

Blue Bar

The Blue Bar at the Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan is probably the bluest bar in the world. With blue lights overhead, a blue backdrop, and tiny blue lights embedded in the bar itself, it has maxed out the blue decorating options. The results are truly over the top, and the only thing missing is blues for background music.

As I sat at the bar drinking a glass of wine on Friday night, though, I wondered — would this be a place you’d want to frequent if you had the blues?