Commercial Duds

Last night was the first time in years that I have watched the Super Bowl from beginning to end.  I thought the game itself was exciting — although I was sorry that the Colts lost — but the rest of it left me cold.  I like The Who, but they now seem like entertainment for older generations.  I thought they were an odd choice for the 2010 Super Bowl, and I wondered how many viewers had even heard of The Who.  Does the Super Bowl audience have an older demographic?  It would be like Al Jolson performing at Super Bowl I.

The much-hyped commercials, for the most part, seemed like miserable failures.  The Doritos commercials were stunningly unfunny, and the screaming Denny’s chickens were more disturbing than anything else.  And how long are we going to have to watch talking babies?  Virtually every commercial seemed recycled.

Maybe it is a good thing that the football game itself outshone the glitz and commercial trappings.