Grillin’, Now Chillin’

IMG_2113Last night was the grilling.  We lit the charcoal and put some burgers on the faithful Weber.  They were fantastic:  juicy, thick, with just a hint of crust.  Served on toasted buns with the required slice of Velveeta cheese, they were absolutely delicious.  We had corn on the cob, too, and fresh strawberry shortcake with vanilla ice cream for dessert.  We ate on the patio, drinking beer as the sun set and the stars came out and the neighborhood grew quiet.  It made me remember why cooking out is so great.

Today, we’re chilling.  It’s been a busy weekend, and tomorrow it’s back to work.


Happy Memorial Day!

It’s Memorial Day, when every red-blooded American male’s thoughts turn to grilling.  Last night I broke out the ancient Weber grill, filled it with the remnants of last year’s charcoal, doused it liberally with fluid, lit the ceremonial fire ablaze for the first time of the summer, and engaged in the crucial grill scraping ritual.  I then took a healthy swig from the sacred malty adult beverage to commemorate the occasion and raised my face toward the warmth of the sun.  Soon the patio air was filled with the heady combination of charcoal smoke and sizzling meat.

Last night’s grilling featured cheeseburgers, brats, and some chicken thighs marinated in a mustard-vinegar sauce I prepared using odds and ends from our spice cabinet.  The brats and the chicken were both the products of Ohio farms, in keeping with my interest in local sourcing.  With all due modesty, I must confess that the meats were grilled close to perfection, and the chicken marinade was tasty indeed.  We also had Ohio sweet corn with butter and a gigantic fruit salad that I had filled with as much Ohio produce as possible.  We ate out on the patio as the evening sun filtered through the trees in the backyard.

Happy Memorial Day to all!  May your grilling adventures today be merry and bright!  And, as always, thanks to our veterans and the men and women in uniform whose sacrifices allow us to enjoy this holiday.